Using Photography Properly To Market Your Brand

It is a normal routine to use photography to promote and sell physical products. The attention span of typical costumers is very limited. Apart fro this, one cannot avoid the fact that people need to be exposed to the same advertisement multiple times to grab their attention, make a mental note of the product, and think about purchasing it down the road. Poor quality photography that do not grab the attention of the viewer, fail to sell the product every time, and the vendor loses the opportunity permanently.

Marketing executives conjure ideas on how to create the perfect product advertisement for a poster shown on the London subway system, on a sign billboard, or for a glossy magazine. The photographer has to understand the idea the ad executives want to convey, and shoot photographs that captures the same visually.


Product photographs are based either on a real image or created by graphical artists in order to accurately depict the appearance of the product. It is impossible to recreate the appealing picture of a bottle of perfume if it contains unattractive reflection caused by improper lighting. The image of the can of Coke loses its appeal unless it contains the bead of icy water dripping from it. Both of them require something real initially.

The real work begins after comprehending the real idea. The target is to convert the original photographs of the photograph into something that symbolizes the primary ideas and brief agreed with the advertising executive of the consumer products company, to enhance its overall appeal. Including a clean background on the chilled can of Coke containing a droplet of icy water rolling down its side, creates the perfect promotional image that appeals to those who view the ad, are lured by it, and purchase the can of that fizzy drink to quench their thirst.

For creating stunning displays, the photographer has to capture the perfect image, combine it with other elements such as typography that gels with the product to make it appealing for its target market.

It requires passion for work, knowledge, and skill to create a marketing image that represents its brand hand in glove. Nothing short of excellence is acceptable as companies rarely get a second opportunity to impress their target clients. The first impression is the last impression. Therefore, the photographer should go out of his way and work in tandem with the graphic designer to create a picture that is worth a thousand words, and grabs the eyeballs of the target client instantly.