Some Thoughts On Photography

It is a very common practice in the promotion and sale of products to use keen photography to get the intended message across. And it is also a known fact that the intended target consumer’s attention span is truly limited. Very often, the item focused on for sale has to be seen multiple times by the target for the message to be gotten across. If the photography involved is not of the best quality, the intended opportunity for sale will be lost forever.

The process all begins with marketing executives formulating a plan to create a glossy magazine perfect product advertisement, an appealing billboard sign, or a poster to be shown on the underground in London. It then becomes the photographer’s mission to capture that intended plan visually.


When it comes to product photos, they may either be created by graphical artists or based on a real image, whichever gets the appearance of the product across best. Whether it be a can of Coke shown with a few beads of icy water dripping from it, or that beautiful perfume bottle without any detracting lighting coming from it; either requires a starting point that is something real!

The real work gets started after the initial ideas are explored. Getting the original photographs taken and then making the products look outstanding so that the intended message conceived by the planners involved gets across. For example, in the case of the can of Coke, creating a clean background for the can and then having a drop of icy water dripping down the side will send the intended appeal to that individual seeking to quench that thirst in their throat.

One can and will get their point across in a stunning way by capturing the perfect image and combining it with other attractive elements that match the target market with the product. There is never any doubt that the old saying is really true; a picture is in fact worth a thousand words!

The fact of the matter is that it does take skill, knowledge and a true passion for the work to properly capture a quality marketing image representing an intended target. And it should never be forgotten or taken for granted that companies do not get second chances to get their intended message across.

The bottom line here is that companies interested in selling their products to the public have to make every effort possible to deliver their intended message right the first time out!