Moving Images as Cultural and Financial Collateral

Along with the digital age, varying areas of expertise for artists have developed. The phrase “starving” artist no longer applies in this day and age where high-quality graphics, content creation, and stock photos, are in high demand. To match the pace of daily internet traffic, the amount of content published on a daily basis has increased dramatically. Visual artists may want to consider producing moving images as a supplemental career endeavor, and could find it as lucrative as it is engaging. Moving images are one of the most popular forms of this content wave, with rich media being a huge driver for site views and social media engagement.


The challenge is remaining acquainted with applicable technologies related to the creation of moving images, as the industry is always changing. Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, is used to create videos and photographs and requires mastery of many software technologies. The variety of visual products is great enough to demand mastery of more than a few technologies, as CGI can be utilized for both static and dynamic 2D or 3D images. The products can be seen in printed media, films, video games, advertisements, virtual reality simulators, and other applications.

Due to the sheer number of images and content now present on the internet, creativity and originality are more than crucial. For graphic artists, there now exists a very high standard both for quantity and quality. Recognition from peers, virality, prestige, and visual appeal are all at play, and are no easy feat to attain, though a highly desirable feat of genius.

CGI offers an entirely new medium to artists and programmers alike. Similar to the training required of a traditional painter, graphic design in CGI demands careful planning as well as precision in execution. It is often more difficult to produce clear, sharp photographs that are a cut above the rest – given the quality of smartphone photos these days. The thought that goes along with planning and producing stunning imagery truly entails creativity and innovation. Additionally, technologies are being introduced every dail, which means a CGI developer cannot remain static. He or she must be keep up with constant change in order to be competitive.

The constantly evolving digital age has raised the bar for content creation and photography, but thankfully, with that comes financial and intellectual reward. For someone who enjoys a challenge and is constantly thinking outside the box, success in CGI will be no problem.