How to Use Photography to Promote Yourself on Social Media

In today’s society, it seems like cultivating an audience and following on social media is necessary if you want to be successful. As many of the current platforms are heavily photo based, it would make sense that you want to utilize this and improve your skill and execution in this area. From setting up the shot, to tagging your photo for maximum exposure, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of your social media accounts and gain experience while you do it.

Curating Your Photo Stream

It is important to put thought into what you are going to be posting. If you are a photographer, you of course want high quality shots showcasing your level of skill and displaying your best shots. If you are a model you want your photos to show you in the best light in a variety of looks to highlight your diversity and malleability. For those who focus on food and nutrition you will have mostly shots of food or products as well as a few of you yourself to represent your current level of health. If you are a writer you will want to curate a photo stream that pairs the stories or articles you compose with a relevant image that can be linked.


Setting Up the Shot

When you are taking a photo, it is important to set up the angle, lighting, and background correctly to make sure people will pay attention to the aspects of the photo you would like them to focus on. Take a look at other successful accounts that are similar to yours or have the same theme and take some notes about the way the photos look on their stream.

Hashtags and Tagging

Utilizing hashtags and tagging other people or being tagged in photos can greatly increase the reach of your content. You can expand your following by using simple hashtags that other people are also using to gain more of an audience. Some of the most popular ones are #Followforfollow or #Follow4follow, as well as #POTD which stands for photo of the day.

Partnering and Getting Sponsored

Another great way to gain exposure is to partner with other accounts or attempt to garner sponsors. Partnerships can be established through reaching out to other accounts or people who may have similar themes and asking them to offer something for following you, or to simply give you a shout out on their account. Sponsorships are often the result of a brand reaching out to you. This can be encouraged though by constantly tagging a company or brand in your photos if you are a fan or use their products often. This is popular with clothing brands. For example if you are a model and you are wearing clothes from Torrid in a lot of your photos simply tag their account and use a hashtag as well to group your photo with other photos of people wearing that brand.

Scheduling Software

One great piece of advice if you have a day job that prevents you from posting throughout the day on a regular basis, is to start using a scheduling software. This will allow you to line up all the photos with their captions and hashtags in advance so you can have them automatically post at the desired times.